Recipes and Eating Culture

Recipes and Eating Culture

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Recipes and Eating Culture

Super easy ☆ white sesame smell! Sweet potato grilled rice ball

Just put the sweet potato in and sprinkle the white sesame on it! Easy-baked rice balls ☆ Sweet potato goes well with rice! Have a night meal ~ ☆

Acupuncture and rice

Just put on a bowl with Kenppi! It's delicious! ♪ (о ∀ о `о)

☺ Easy ♪ ethnic fried rice with shrimp

It is an ethnic-flavored fried rice made using a pickle ♪ It is also for relief of the cold rice which is excess ☆

Very delicious! Bibimbap style stone fried soba

Stir-fried yakisoba with sesame oil and Chinese-style stock and served with handmade namul. It is a fried noodle version of stone-baked Bibimbap!

Korma curry with onion and yoghurt

It is a deeply sweet curry with onion and yogurt base.

Rika c size Zen baseball series Cuba rice

2019/05/26 Hanshin-DeNA Starter Garcia The origin of the pitcher Cuban rice (wind)

It's too easy! meat wrapped rice ball

I am sorry too much Zubora m (_ _ _ m) In the white rice of the day before I am in the rice cooker! Seasoning is also suitable ~!

Summer dry curry

Summer vegetables, anything is fine! You can easily do it with your favorite chopped vegetables!

【Short time】 Frozen stock pork bowl

Freezing version! Just put all the ingredients and mix! ! When you want to eat, unzip and give it up and it's done! !

Frying pan bibimbap ☆

It took a lot of trouble

Curry Curry Curry

I found and made curry roux, an attractive curry meal. It was really delicious if you piled up cheese!

Easy Yakiniku Chirashi Sushi

When it's steamy and you don't have appetite, why don't you try grilled grilled chili sushi?

Fried rice with kimchi and shrimp

Fried rice with kimchi and prawns!

Frozen taste 冷凍 Two work! Oyakodon

It is a standard of my home. It's easy to do, so it's perfect for holiday lunches!

Nira egg pork bowl

A super easy toro lan is put on Tianjin rice-style noodle soup with pork leek (^ o ^)

Quiche style egg grilled one plate breakfast

I put various vegetables in the egg and steamed it. I put some starch powder for worrying that the eggs won't set up.

Roasted sweet and sour ☆ soft egg simmered meat sauce

If you fit udon also white rice! ! Eggs are also a happy volume.

Shiro's bowl and egg mix! What to eat

Grilled salmon, fried egg, salted cucumber, white sesame. Freshly cooked rice and sushi vinegar. Arrange Shilo's recipe

Low consciousness mackerel

Sabah, I have to eat

Good quality fried rice

It's fresh and delicious, and it's also delicious and fluffy !! Won't you cook it with rice? Japanese style taste is delicious.