Soft rice remake

Soft rice remake

Remake the failed rice, which has softened.

Posted by Eiliy

Hello, friends! Welcome to this page, I will introduce you something about Soft rice remake
Here is the material and deatils about the Soft rice remake , I hope you can use it make a delicious food and have a good time!

1、Soft rice
1、Soft rice Appropriate amount
2、Burdock or vegetables
2、Burdock or vegetables suitable
3、sugar 1 teaspoon
4、Soy sauce
4、Soy sauce 2 tablespoons
5、Sesame oil
5、Sesame oil suitable
6、If you eat eel oil
6、If you eat eel oil Appropriate amount
1、Mix, bake and complete.
1、Mix, bake and complete.

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