Recipes and Eating Culture

Recipes and Eating Culture

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Recipes and Eating Culture

Big meat curry with eggplant curry

Father's Day is a soft curry with a soft "hewn meat" in which the family welcomes the family with curry made by the father.

Infant food !! super easy soy sauce fried rice with vegetables

Even children who disliked vegetables ate simmering (^ ^)

Children can also eat ♪ spicy modest curry fried rice ♪

For cold rice relief! Curry powder modestly children are ok ♪ Adults are delicious with black pepper ♪ wheat milk egg useless allergy child is also ok

Easy ♪ Chara valve ♪ Petatto cheese bowl ♪

It's easy to put on a busy morning so you can do it easily (* ˊᴗˋ *) ⸝‬

Curry fried rice with green pea

You can turn it into a delicious curry fried rice just by adding Karellow to your usual fried rice.

Most blue confetti

Wander Wander Wander

How to wind thick rolls

Mother-in-law's recipe

Easy character valve ★ Sumikkogurashi

I tried to make the most simple "Tapioca" chan of the wonderful character that can be made papap even in a busy morning (^ ^)

Green onion

It is a required item of grilled meat.

With little meat ☆ Mix Bize Bibimbap rice

There is only half the amount of meat! When it is ☆ seasoning is easy with sauce of yakiniku (* ^ ^ *)

Easy kimchi fried rice with overheated rice

Of course even if you put pork or dance! ! !

Served with omelet rice with two sauces

Omelet rice with two flavors.

Chicken breast chicken teriyaki bowl ... oyakodon?

Teriyaki rice with chicken breast

Chicken curry curry

On Father's Day, we will treat the family with the curry that the father makes with us ♪ We will burn the chicken firmly and make the flavor secret!

Borobudur's Nasi Goreng

It is an adult Nasi Goreng who can not ride fried eggs.

Rosemary rice ball

Punched rosemary rice balls (^ ^) b ロ ー ズ Rosemary is said to be a rejuvenating herb.

Juicy ☆ Inari sushi with ingredients

For sweet juicy deep fried ingredients and plenty of vinegar rice delicious Inari sushi rice bowls are used for sushi, hospitality, athletic meet, picnic etc.

"Green curry" that old man makes variously

On hot days, one more sweat with green curry. It goes well with beer and goes well with rice. Curry different from ordinary curry. I recommend it.

Mixed rice with sword fish and edamame

It is a mixed rice that is easy to make with a pack of easy-to-use dumb tuna fish with ease. ^ _ ^

Scallops and prawns omelettes made with extras

I just put the cooked rice and the soup together and closed them with eggs.

Tomato rice

Tomato rice just to cook whole tomato with rice. A slightly tender taste with a peppery accent ♪

Make with BBQ sauce Easy Chicken Rice

Only seasoned with barbecue sauce! It is easy to cook chicken rice.

Freshly mixed rice in early summer

May of this year when the heat of the other season has hit. We prepared this kind of "early summer fresh mixed rice" so as not to lose heat.

Roast beef bowl

Even cheap steak meat is satisfactory! Easy roast beef in a frying pan

Do you recommend it for tororo? Sugar off sweet potato natto

Recipe for carbohydrate restriction. I arranged a little recipe that I had when I bought natto without sauce. It has a taste and texture similar to that of tororo.